one of my favorite scene in tasm2 - Dan in the elevator

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Motivational Joffrey for when you are feeling down.

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Oberyn Martell meme: (2/2) two dynamics → Oberyn & Tyrion
Yes, but you are here now, and in some difficulty, I would say. Your innocence may be as plain as the scar on your face, but it will not save you. No more than your father will.” The Dornish prince smiled. “But I might.”  “You?” Tyrion studied him. “You are one judge in three. How could you save me?” “Not as your judge. As your champion.”

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A Ghibli movie raided the train.

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"If you could lick my heart, you’d taste nothing but poison. You think there’s goodness in everybody but there isn’t."

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got s4 challenge: [day 7] favourite main character → the dragons

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the tears no!

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My brother and I when he set me up for something I didn’t do (and I got scolded).

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Game of Thrones | Mean Girls Edition

Forever Reblog

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